Why do people break in through the garage over other areas?

The main problem is that without Garage Door Armor, any garage door can be an easy target for an unwanted intruder. Regardless of how expensive or strong your garage door is, chances are that a burglar will be able to gain access using the "6 Second Break-In Method".

What is the "6 Second Break-In Method"?

The 6 second break-in method is a technique that burglars use to gain access into almost any garage that is not protected. The intruder pushes in the top panel of the garage, they then use a coat hangar to activate the emergency release mechanism. This allows them to open your garage with ease and access your vehicles and door to the inside of your home.

How long does it take for a burglar to get into my garage without Garage Door Armor?

As stated above, a burglar can gain entry into your garage in just 6 seconds.

Why is it dangerous to use a zip tie to lock the garage door lock?

Not only is using a zip tie to lock your garage against federal safety regulations, but it is also a safety hazard when there is a fire in your home. With a zip tie locking your garage, you will not be able to use the emergency release mechanism to open your garage when the opener is not working, or you are not able to reach it safely. Please, do not use a zip tie to lock your garage door's safety mechanism.

I have a manual garage door with a slide lock, do I need the garage door armor?

Yes, every garage door is susceptible to methods such as the 6 second break-in. You should always consult your local garage door provider to get an understanding of how your garage door may be vulnerable to thieves.

How long does it take to install the regular unit versus the pro?

The regular unit takes just seconds to install. Just follow the instructions included in the package, and your garage door will be protected from home invaders in no time! There are no tools or professional installation required.

If I am a real estate agent, should I purchase a Garage Door Armor Unit?

Many real estate agents choose to purchase multiple garage door armor unit because it allows them to affordable protect the garage of their vacant properties while they are on the market. Many criminals target empty homes, and try to find the easiest way to gain entry into the home. With a Garage Door Armor unit, your garage door will remain secure at all times.