About us

My name is Tommy Mello, owner of A1 Garage Door Service. We are in 5 major areas throughout the Unites States.

As the owner of a large garage door business, I started to realize how many garage doors have been victimized by burglars. Most consumers don't realize just how easy it is to break into garages though the top panel with a simple wedge of wood and an ordinary hanger. All the intruder has to do is push the top panel in and fish the hanger around to manually release the garage door opener. This is a common flaw that most garage door opener companies have overlooked. On the internet it is known as "the six second break in".

The picture below shows the hanger manually releasing the garage door opener. This unit in the picture was a Liftmaster.

The most important aspect of blocking this break-in is making sure that the owners still have access to the manual release. In the case of emergencies, it is vital to have access to get out of the garage. Some sites explain to use a zip tie, which is dangerous and illegal according to the international door association. Sgt Hartley out of Jacksonville explained that there had been over 142 break-ins near that particular area through the garage or the porch area.

As the owner of A1 Garage Door Service, I have seen this far more than police officers. The fact is that most of the time the burglar goes through these areas, the police and most home owners do NOT have a clue. By creating Garage Door Armor and Garage Door Armor Pro we have stopped these thieves and the 6 six second break-in in its tracks. The Armor actually gets in front of the manual release on the opener and blocks the opportunity from even happening.

Overall, both of these inventions are easy installed and will detour any burglar from coming into your home.

There have been several circumstances I've personally experienced that made me wish I would have thought of this earlier. Several of these cases have left most homeowners feeling vulnerable and taken advantage of. One of my customers explained to me that he went out into his garage and saw a man taking things out, and when the man noticed the owner, he charged at him. He went on to say that the fact that the burglar charged was not the issue, the larger issue was that his son was sleeping in the first room in the house to the left. Thankfully, he was able to lock the door and keep the burglar out. Most people don’t know that over 28% of burglaries occur when people are home. Your neighbors have no clue that the thieves can break in in daylight undetected, because they enter through garage. Please take the time to learn how to protect yourself and your family.

“Don’t say we didn’t warn you”.