The Garage Door Is A Common Point of Entry in Home Invasions

Did you know that many burglars use the garage as their main point of entry when stealing from homes? And if the family happens to be home, then it turns into a home invasion. A burglar can easily break into a garage in a matter or seconds, without the right security precautions. Unfortunately, many families leave the door to the inside of the home unlocked, because they assume that burglars won't be able to get into a locked garage. You should always use a product like Garage Door Armor to protect your home from these types of easy entries.

The most common type of entry into the garage is the 6 second break in method. When you don't have a device like the Garage Door Armor to block the emergency opener access from the outside, it is extremely easy for anybody to gain access to your garage. All they have to do is push in the top panel of the garage and use something like a coat hangar to activate the emergency release mechanism. This allows them to slide the garage open with ease. Garage Door Armor units block the coat hangar, or any object for that matter, from activating the emergency release mechanism. The good thing about these devices is that they do not impede on the garage door's ability to be opened in an emergency, like a zip tie will.

If you think your basic garage door lock is safe, then think again. Garage door locks are not that difficult to unlock for a skilled lockpicker. They can usually gain access to your garage within minutes with this method. There are a few things that can prevent them from getting into your garage, even if they pick the lock. If you have an automatic garage door opener, then it will be difficult for the burglars to lift the garage door open once the lock is picked. An armed security system will likely scare them off as well if they happen to get inside somehow.

You should always be prepared and have a family plan on how to deal with a home invasion or robbery. Call your local non-emergency police support line for more information on what you can do beyond the above tips to protect yourself in the future.

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