7 Easy Ways to Keep Criminals Away Without Breaking the Bank

Protect yourself and your loved ones by securing the most vulnerable entry points into your home as effectively as possible.

Here’s how to get started:

Lock Your Doors with a Smart Lock

I know it seems too simple of a request, but I also know that many people don’t do it. If you forget your keys too often or don’t have keys for every one of the family, there are solutions for that.

The most secure and effective way is to get a Smart Lock!

Lock your windows.

Not wanting to be repetitive here, but I know you don’t pay that much attention to your windows too. Not only you should make sure that all of your windows on the lower level have been guarded completely, but you’re also going to want to make sure that upper-level windows are also secured as well.

Want extra protection? Get a Window Security Locker!

Don’t forget the garage.

The garage is one of the “forgotten” points of entry that needs to be secured. You’ll want to be 100% certain that your garage is burglar-proof.

Most criminals know that they only have to push against one of the panels in your garage door to gain access to the emergency release system – and once that happens, they’re able to lift the door with no extra effort and gain access to your home. Remember the 6-second break-in?

What can you do about that? Get yourself a Garage Door Armor (a tool-less 6’ installation that requires no real effort whatsoever to be set up permanently), a worthy upgrade that you’ll want to make ASAP.

Add home security signs to your yard, garage door or any visible place.

The outside look also counts! Alert the would-be intruders that your house is not an easy target, so they better not mess with your home.

Good news is that you don’t necessarily need to have an expensive home security system. The yard signs and stickers are sold separately and are cheap.

Put up motion detecting outdoor lights.

Nothing makes burglars run away faster than a bright light preventing them from keeping their business in the dark.

They’re a lot less likely to go through with their criminal activity if they’re put into the spotlight.

Install fake security cameras.

 The idea of being recorded can be enough to keep way criminals! Many products look like real security cameras and even have red blinking lights to add credibility.

Choosing the right place to install the fake cameras is very important as well. Preferably, focus on areas that are more vulnerable and hidden, but also don’t forget to put one up by your door.

Get to know your neighbors.

A great way to ward off potential burglars is to get friendly with your neighbors so that they can keep a closer eye on your property.

This’s especially important when you go on vacation and will leave the house unattended for a while. Getting to know your neighbors will allow them to report any suspicious activities that might go on.

There are even groups on social media for specific neighborhoods, where people that live in the area chat about what’s going on around their surroundings.

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