5 Loopholes Your Home Insurance Can Use Against You

Learn how your home insurance can deny your theft claim.

1 - Not locking your doors and windows.

Many burglars are not super skilled and will look for the most convenient way to invade your home. If you leave the windows or doors open or just not locked, your home insurance policy might be at risk.

Here is how the insurance company might see: It’s your job not to facilitate criminals wrongdoings. Therefore, the outcome is your responsibility.


2 - No sign of forced entry.

Another way a criminal can gain access into your home without forced entry is through the garage. 

People don’t realize how easy it is to break into garages through the top panel with a simple wedge of wood and an ordinary hanger. As we mentioned before, there is a technic called “the six-second break-in” — all the intruder has to do is push the top panel in and fish the hanger around to release the garage door opener manually!

As easy as locking your doors and windows, there is a simple and inexpensive solution to the “six-second break-in”: Installing Garage Door Armor! The Armor is placed in front of the manual release, enabling criminals from entering your home.

Get a Garage Door Armor for yourself to prevent this from happening:


3 - Not setting your alarm.

Home alarm systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry. They are an efficient form of protection but aren’t cheap. In case you are looking for budget-friendly ways to secure your home, read this other article I wrote on the "7 Easy Ways to Keep Criminals Away Without Breaking the Bank".

The tricky part is that if you have an alarm system and fail to activate it when you leave the house, there’s a possibility that the insurance might not accept your claim in case of a robbery.


4 - Not reporting to the police on time.

It’s important to report to the police immediately when a burglary occurs. Many insurance companies will require a police report before filing a theft claim.

I know that after someone violates you and your space, filling a report might not be the first thing you want to do. However, keep in mind that failing to do so can result in your claim being rejected.


5 - Leaving your house vacant for too long.

It’s known that many criminals will prefer to target an unoccupied home. If you plan to be away from your residence for long periods of time, there are some protection options, such as have a neighbor watch your house, pick up your mail, and even park their car on your driveway.

You should do your best to prevent an intrusion, just keep in mind that when you are absent for a while, many insurance policies won’t cover your home and content after a certain period of time.

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