27 Percent of Burglaries Occur at Night

If you’re worried about home security, you should know that nighttime is prime time for burglars. The truth is that 27 percent of burglaries occur at night. Every evening, a home is invaded every 20 seconds. As well, over four thousand homes are robbed during the day, each and every day. These statistics aren’t meant to alarm you. Instead, they are designed to give you the hard facts, so that you may make wise and informed decisions about home security.

Currently, only 18 percent of burglars are apprehended and many of those who are apprehended are not convicted after their arrests.

Naturally, certain neighborhoods are more prone to crime. Those in high-crime areas should be even more vigilant about home security. However, everyone should worry about home security and put systems in place which help to protect property and possessions from theft. Now, let’s share some more statistics for night-time burglaries of homes. All of the statistics shown here are authentic and current. They may be relied upon.

More Home Robbery Statistics

To help you gain a deeper understanding of how nighttime robberies usually play out, let’s talk about forced entry. Statistics show that fifty nine point seven of all robberies are forced entries. These statistics come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, via its Patriot Crime Defense division.

Forced entries take place every twenty-eight seconds. Most of the time, homeowners aren’t in their homes while they are being robbed. In fact, ninety-seven percent of home intrusions occur when people aren’t at home.

How to Minimize the Risk

Since you can’t be at home during the night all of the time, you’ll need to beef up personal security in order to minimize the risk of an intrusion. There are different methods, the most effective of which is probably the installation of a home security system.

The best systems are wired to mission control centers at security companies. When an alarm is tripped, the mission control center is alerted and security personnel are dispatched. If it’s necessary, security personnel will liaise with local law enforcement personnel in order to ensure that any suspicious activity in or around a home is investigated.

If you can’t afford a home security system, consider installing timers to your interior lighting system. Timers may be set to activate lights at night, when you aren’t home, and these lights will make your property look occupied.

Also, you may want to work with neighbors by establishing a neighborhood watch program. This will be the key to ensuring that homes are checked out regularly in the evenings, when the potential for break-ins is so much higher. 

Hopefully, our quick guide has given you some insight into current crime statistics for night-time home intrusions and also provided you with some practical advice about how to avoid robberies during the evening. Our stats and tips are designed to protect you and to empower you as a homeowner. They are the key to feeling more safe and secure and to protecting your property, possessions and loved ones.

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